Sukesh Chandrasekhar: ED’s investigation reveals, ‘Conman’ Sukesh has 5 heroines, interrogation will start

#Mumbai: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is interrogating Sukesh Chandrasekhar, accused in a Tk 200 crore fraud case. The chargesheet filed by the company first included the names of Bollywood actresses Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fateh (Conman’s Gifts to Jacqueline Fernandez). The list is long! In addition to Jacqueline and Nora, there are 5 other Bollywood actresses in the chargesheet submitted by ED! At various times they have taken expensive gifts from Sukesh, or kept in touch with Conman!

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It is learned that ED will summon these five actresses soon. It is learned that they will be used as witnesses in the Sukesh case. It will be investigated, were the actresses aware of the real identity of Sukesh? Why did they take the famous gift from him? It is learned that the ED will soon confiscate all the gifts given to Sukesh by Jacqueline and Nera. It is estimated that Jacqueline was given a gift worth more than কো 100 million. Nora got a BMW car.

Jacqueline has already been interrogated multiple times by the ED. ED arrested Jacqueline Fernandez at the Mumbai airport on December 6 while she was on her way to attend an event in Dubai. After a brief interrogation, however, investigators allowed him to leave the Mumbai airport (Conman’s Gifts to Jacqueline Fernandez). Nora has also been questioned on charges of being involved in a Tk 200 crore fraud case against Sukesh Chandrasekhar.

During the investigation, ED came to know that the accused Sukesh (Conman’s Gifts to Jacqueline Fernandez) had filled two actresses with expensive gifts. Branded cars were not excluded from the list of gifts. In the chargesheet filed, ED said that Sukesh got acquainted with the actress through Jacqueline’s make-up artist Shan Muttatil. In her statement, recorded in August and October, Jacqueline stated that she had received some gifts from Sukesh. The list included two bags from Gucci and Chanel, two of Gucci’s gymwear, a diamond pendant and three bracelets. He also said that Sukesh had given him a Mini Cooper car, but he returned it! On the other hand, in the interrogation of ED, Sukesh said that he had given 60 million pieces of jewelery to Jacqueline. Besides the BMW X5, he also lent Rs 1.13 crore to Jacqueline’s sister. This is not the end! The heroine’s mother was given a Porsche and her father a Masarati car. Sukesh’s lawyer had earlier claimed that Jacqueline and Sukesh were in love. But the spokesperson of the heroine dismissed the statement and said that their close pictures have been published twice in the media. According to the chargesheet, Jacqueline’s conversation with Sukesh began earlier this year. After that Sukesh started sending gifts to the heroine.

It is learned that the Sri Lankan actress had met Sukesh Chandrasekhar four times in Chennai. Eddie claims that Sukesh or Jacqueline also arranged for a private plane so that there would be no hindrance in meeting them. Apart from that, Jacqueline used to talk to him on the phone even when Sukesh was in jail. According to all-India media sources, the ED has also informed the court that Sukesh has also helped the heroine’s family financially more than once.

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