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Noida. The proposal to demolish the disputed Twin Tower built in the Emerald plan of Supertech has been prepared. The proposal is so effective that in view of it, oral consent has been received. The proposal has been prepared by a US-based company. Twin tower will now be broken in the manner of waterfall. Explosive will be used to break the tower. The effect of the blast will be up to 9 meters. At the same time, during the fall of the tower, there will be a cloud of dust for 10 to 15 minutes. Underground gas pipelines will be closed during the demolition of the tower. Experts say that thousands of tonnes of debris and steel will come out during this period. Significantly, the Supreme Court had given orders to the Noida Authority to demolish the tower by 30 November.

Towers are broken in the way of waterfall

The American company has already done the work of demolition of multi-storey buildings in India itself in Mumbai and Kochi. In South Africa, the same building as the Twin Towers of Supertech has been demolished. Presenting its proposal in the Noida Authority, the company has said that it will break the twin tower by adopting the method of waterfall. For this, the columns, beams and walls of the tower will be pierced at many places and explosives will be installed. In this way the debris of the tower will come down like water falling from a spring. The special thing is that the debris will fall towards the inside of the tower.

Tower will fall in 10 seconds, 3 thousand trucks will be filled with debris

Presenting the proposal before the Noida Authority, the American company has claimed that it will take only 10 seconds for the twin tower to fall through the waterfall method. But they will take at least 3 months to prepare for it. During the demolition of the tower, the gas pipeline passing below will also be closed. According to the experts, if the tower collapses, about 4 thousand tonnes of steel will come out of it. At the same time, debris will also come out by filling more than 3 thousand trucks.

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Supertech will pay the cost of demolition of illegal twin towers

The towers of Emerald Project were built by Supertech in Sector-93A of Noida. Out of this, two towers were built illegally by ignoring the rules. After which the matter reached the Supreme Court through several stages. In one of its judgments on August 30, the court had ordered the demolition of the Twin Towers in three months by November 30. Along with this, it was also ordered that the cost of demolishing the tower will be borne by the Supertech builder.

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