The flight attendant was alone in the hotel room, suddenly startled to look at the AC machine! – News18 Bangla


Kuala Lumpur: Many people are afraid to stay in a hotel room Because everyone has a question about ‘privacy’ If you travel somewhere, there is no other way but to stay in a hotel But there is no hidden camera fitted anywhere in the hotel room! Everyone has a fear about this Especially for single women or couples (Hidden Camera In Hotel Rooms) 6 Recently, a Malaysian flight attendant had such a bad experience in her hotel room (Air Hostess finds secret camera in her hotel room).

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A Malaysian flight attendant shared her horrific experience with an account called ik nik.alisa. Alyssa works for Malaysian Airlines He occasionally shares on social media all the good and bad of the cabin crew job. Alyssa 7 recently spent the night at a hotel in Layover while flying to Korea He was shocked to discover a thing in a hotel room in South Korea!

The flight attendant was alone in the hotel room, suddenly startled to look at the AC machine! - News18 Bangla

Alyssa sees a red light in the air conditioning in her room. That’s when he had doubts in his mind You can understand that there is something inside There is no ‘hidden camera’! Thinking this, he became frightened After that, besides calling the hotel authorities, the flight attendant also informed the police Then the police came and found out why the lights were on inside the air conditioning machine As soon as you open the AC machine, a hidden camera comes out of it!

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Thus, having a hidden camera, CCTV in a hotel room or bathroom is quite frightening. Such incidents have been heard in many cases before But in spite of that, such incidents continue to happen Staying in the hotel room is now quite a panic Because there is no guarantee that everything will always be noticed

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