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#NewDelhi: The wedding season has been going on for a few days in India. As a result, various types of wedding videos from different parts of India have flooded the social media. Many people are posting videos of different types of wedding events on social media. There is no shortage of incidents in it, there are funny videos, happy videos and sad videos (Viral Video).

It doesn’t take long for those videos to go viral on social media according to people’s choice. But recently a video of the wedding went viral on the social media site Twitter which surprised everyone. Although the video is not from anywhere in India, it did not take long for it to go viral (Viral Video of Bride Vulgar dancing).

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The video, which went viral, shows the bride being caught in the act of provocative lasciviousness. The bride is dancing in front of her groom and everyone around is watching them. The bride wore a backless dress instead of a gown at the time. This bride is now shaking the world of social media. This kind of provocative dress of the bride at her own wedding shows a lot of her body. To many, the bride’s attire seemed very provocative and enchanting.

The video, which went viral, was first posted on the social media site Instagram. The video was then posted on Twitter, which is still viewed more than 3 million times. In that video, the bride dances in front of the groom in provocative attire, but the groom is wearing a white jacket. The bride dances around the groom in provocative attire and after a while sits on his groom’s lap. The video shows the bride’s friends standing around the bride and her groom.

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The video that went viral was first shared from an account called @ _1karin. After that the video went viral and everyone started commenting on that video. One writes, “Is this really the new wife?” Another writes that the bride feels ashamed of herself for watching such a dance. Some people have written in support of the bride that no one can be happy in their own marriage? One of them threw the question – if the bride’s husband has no problem with this, why do others have so much trouble with this?


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