The Secret of Free Web Hosting: Why you Shouldn’t Use Free Web Hosting

 Is it accurate to say that you are simply entering in the universe of Blogging? When somebody enters in the field of Blogging then he/she will without a doubt think if there are any free web hosting services. Indeed, hundreds of free web hosting companies out there to provide their hosting services.
But, are these free hosting sites better enough to a host a growing blog or website? Simply, the answer will be a big NO. We can’t depend on these free hosts. If you are going to ask me why they don’t have to because in this blog post I will be doing their reality-check.

What’s The Secret of Free Web Hosting?

When it comes to free hosting then let me tell you that it is not actually free of cost. They can show “forced ads” on your site so that they can earn some money and these ads can be the most annoying thing to your visitors.

Let me tell you a few advantages and disadvantages of free web hosting service for your better understanding and then I will tell you a cheap web hosting provider who is the best in the business:

Pros of Free Web Hosting:

1. It is free: This is one of the best advantages and will put a less stress in your pocket. As you are just starting, you would have less cash right now and at this time free hosting will work like a charm for you. You can migrate your site to a good web hosting service at any time. By doing that, you can save some money at the beginning.
2. Free Testing: If you are a beginner in this field then using free hostings you can test and learn to set up your blog and all for free. Test databases and learn PHP right away without spending a single dime.

Cons of Free Web Hosting:

1. Fewer Features: Free web hosts can’t provide important features like free SSL Certificate, Automatic Backups and Virus Remover for your blog and all these features are necessary to run a professional website. Chances of getting your site hacked or down are considerably more in free hostings than paid ones. As they don’t give any backups and you will be stuck in a terrible circumstance.
2. Useless Support: Providing support is the costliest thing for a free web hosting company so don’t expect it from your free hosting provider no matter how major your problem is. It is far better to get a less expensive plan from a provider like Verpex which will offer you 24\7 support.
3. Fewer Resources: You must get low resources like space, bandwidth and maximum subdomains and add-ons limit.
4. Downtime: Your site may frequently go down and you will lose rankings if it was ranking well previously.
Despite having too many disadvantages, there is still a need for free hosting. You can use them only for – 
1. Learning to set up web hosting.
2. Running a site that doesn’t get huge visitors such as portfolio sites.
3. Saving your money at hard times.
4. Learning programming languages like PHP and others.

Why shouldn’t you use them? 

Free web hosts are simply crap and you shouldn’t use them for –
1. Making a professional website or any kind of eCommerce site.
2. Building a site that is planned to attract a lot of visitors.


After discussing all the pros and cons of free web hosting we can say that if you are a beginner and curious to know how to host a website then you may use free hosting sites otherwise it is not recommended to use free hosting for your professional blog. Rather you can use cheap but high speedy hosting like VapourHost to run your personal and professional blog or eCommerce website. I personally use them and fully satisfied with their services.

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