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Jaipur: On a winter’s night in Conakry, about 17 students escaped from Devnarayan Royal High Primary Residential School in Ranibara area of ​​Jalore, Rajasthan. In the bitter cold, the 16 students reach the collector about 90 km away. They had gone so far as to lodge a complaint against the hostel warden. It is learned that the students reach their destination by walking about 10 kilometers of the road within 90 kilometers. Students allege their residential school wardens beat and beat them (Jalore News).

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According to police sources, 18 students of 10th and 11th classes escaped from the school wall at 11 pm on Tuesday. On a winter night, about 90 km away, they reach Jalore at 4 am. From Chandpura to Kori they reach there by walking about 10 kilometers as they do not get any vehicle. After that they got the vehicle from there. After reaching Jalor at 4 am and waiting for about 6 hours, they saw the collector’s humility. They then joined hands with the collector and filed a three-page complaint against the residential school warden.

The warden was removed:

After receiving complaints from the students, the district collector took the matter seriously and immediately sent SDM Prakash Chandra Agrawal of Ranibara, Subhash Chandra Moni, director of social welfare assistant, Nensing Rajpurohit, principal of Shishu Kalyan Samiti and school member Ramesh Kumar to the school. Those officers saw different types of noise in the residential school. The warden was immediately removed with a decision. The district collector arranged a vehicle and sent the runaway students to the school.

Didn’t even give a receipt for 5 thousand rupees:

The students complained that the hostel was opened on September 1. Although there was a cook for 15 days, the students have been cooking since then. And the accused warden is giving them fake bills. The warden took 5,000 rupees from them. Apart from this, the accused also put the Rs 200 that he got from the government in his own pocket. In addition, every moment the warden beats them and treats them badly. This is not the end, it is alleged that there is a drinking party in the warden’s room in the hostel.

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He was beaten with a broom

The students complained that the accused warden would turn off the electricity as he wished. If anyone protested, he would be beaten with a broom. The warden used various forms of torture on the students of the residential school. This will be investigated and his report will be prepared and sent to the Collector.

Various information has come up in the investigation

Ranibara SDM Prakash Chandra Agrawal spent about 5 hours at the school, making reports based on the students’ complaints. There have been multiple allegations against the warden. The investigation revealed that the principal of the residential school had not come for three days.

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