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#Bangkok: People do a lot of things when they fall in love, it is a known fact. There is no denying that love drives many crazy. That’s why it feels ‘crazy in love’. Many people do many things to make their lover happy or to keep the love alive. He also caused many strange incidents many times. When love exceeds the limits of madness, then the problem begins. A similar problem happened to a young man living in Thailand (Viral News).

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He is now lying in a hospital bed trying to go crazy. Man sealed his private parts with padlock to give proof of love to his girlfriend. Needless to say, the opposite has happened. The situation has been horrible. If the lock is not opened even after 48 hours, the genitals become swollen. The young man was groaning in pain. He was later admitted to the hospital.

It is learned that the young man’s girlfriend left the house two days ago after a quarrel. After that, the young man decided to prove his loyalty to his lover by ‘locking’ his genitals. He meant that he would not have an affair with any other woman. Unfortunately, trying to prove loyalty backfires. The young man’s genitals became swollen and pain began. The mother of the young man can understand the matter first. As he passed the house, he heard the boy crying in pain. The anxious mother then wants to know everything from the son. When the boy told her everything, the woman asked for help from a local voluntary organization. Volunteers tried to break the lock, but were unsuccessful. Later he opened the lock with the key and took the youth to the hospital. The young man is reported to be in good health.

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The young man’s mother said that her son’s behavior was good. She often helps him with various tasks. Giving more information about the matter, the young man’s mother said, “The day before, my son’s girlfriend came home. She was going to another place to study. It upset my son. To prove his love, he locked his private parts in front of his girlfriend.”


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