These Are The ‘Most Mispronounced Words’ Of 2021


New Delhi: The British Institute of Verbatim Reporters (BIVR), in conjunction with Babbel, released the list of most commonly mispronounced words by newsreaders and others on TV. It seems like the year 2021 saw many mispronounced words, the list of which has been made by language-learning platform Babbel, who surveyed its members to compile the list.

Check out the list of ‘2021’s most mispronounced words’


Correct pronunciation: Choo-gee

The term popularized in the year 2013 by Generation is the opposite of ‘trendy’ and is commonly used to mock lifestyle trends associated with millennials.


Correct pronunciation: chih-POHT-lay

The American chain of fast casual restaurants, famous for its Mexican food, became a viral trend when many found it difficult to pronounce its name correctly.


Correct pronunciation: tal-goh-NAH

The Korean candy, made with baking soda and melted sugar, gained immense popularity after it featured in Netflix’s “Squid Game.”


Correct pronunciation: DOHJ-coin

The cryptocurrency created by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus is considered as the 1st ‘Meme coin’ and 1st ‘dog coin’. Dogecoin’s value saw a massive hike in its value after being popularized by Elon Musk.


Correct pronunciation: EYE-lish

People find it hard to correctly pronounce the name of American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish.


Correct pronunciation: ih-THEE-ree-um

Ethereum, conceived in 2013, is a cryptocurrency second only to Bitcoin in market capitalization.

Ever Given

Correct pronunciation: EV-er GIV-en

Billions of dollars were lost in trade after the ship Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal on 23 March.


Correct pronunciation: GLAHZ-go

US President Joe Biden and former president Barack Obama both had mispronounced the name of the national cultural hub.


Correct pronunciation: KELs

The 32-year-old Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce had revealed in an interview on radio that his name was often mispronounced by his very own teammates!


Correct pronunciation: AH-muh-kraan / OH-mee-kraan

COVID-19 new variant Omicron was discovered earlier this year in November.


Correct pronunciation: SHEE-in

Shein, the Chinese online fast fashion brand, mainly focuses on women’s wear. The company was founded by Chris Xu in Nanjing, China, in the year 2008.

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Correct pronunciation: STEH-fuh-nohs TSEE-tsee-pas

Greek’s legendary athlete Stefanos Tsitsipas is currently World’s No. four tennis players.


Correct pronunciation: YEAH-sih-fai

A viral trend in which a user, in order to use a comic effect, applies many beauty filters to popular portraits or pictures.



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