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# Prague: Various groups around the world are campaigning against the Covid 19 vaccine. Many are refusing to take the Covid Vaccine directly, just as Czech singer Hannah Horca refused to take the vaccine. This news has been given by his family. He went to a theater without following any rules, where he was attacked by Kovid.

The European Union has made it a rule to travel everywhere with a vaccine certificate or a certificate of recent corona infection. From bars, various stage venues, restaurants to different places to go to that certificate. Horca is a band singer and guitarist. He died of a corona on Sunday. He was 56 years old at the time of his death.

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Her husband and son were both vaccinated, but she did not receive the vaccine. He deliberately infected himself with Corona. He contracted corona just before Christmas last December. On Saturday, his son said he was living a normal life. Thought, if you do not corona, but do not get vaccinated. It was then that he took part in a concert and went on a voyage. The singer’s son has blamed the local anti-vaccination movement for this.

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“I don’t know who influenced the mother. I don’t know who they are, who grew up with their families. I don’t know who is spreading such misinformation. Corona alone cannot be prevented by acquired immunity.” At present, 20,000 people in the Czech Republic are infected daily.

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