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#Delhi: The Nagaland incident, the winter session of the already heated Parliament with the suspension of Rajya Sabha MPs. The work of the parliament has become futile like the Badal session in the hustle and bustle of the opposition In the midst of all this, Delhi BJP MP Parvesh Verma took notice in Parliament on Monday.

BJP MP Parvesh appeared in the Lok Sabha on Monday with a straight bottle of liquor (BJP MP Brings Liquor Bottle in Parliament). He alleged that the UP government was helping to increase liquor sales in the capital. He appeared in Parliament with a bottle of liquor in protest. Parvesh also went inside the session room with a bottle of liquor

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Speaking at Zero Hour, the BJP MP said the Delhi government had redesigned its revenue policy to boost liquor sales. During the second wave of Corona Extreme, when people were dying for oxygen, the Delhi government was busy increasing the sale of liquor without paying attention to it.

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Showing a bottle of liquor inside the session room, Parvez claimed that the minimum age for buying liquor has been lowered as per the new revenue policy of the UP government. Besides, liquor shops have been allowed to remain open till 3 in the morning In addition, special discounts will be offered for women drinking at the Pink Bar from midnight to 3am.

The BJP MP quipped that the Arvind Kejriwal government had promised Delhiites filtered drinking water. But without fulfilling that promise, the government is now making arrangements to increase the supply of liquor in the capital



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