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#Kohima: Nagaland (Nagaland) The Nagaland government is vocal about the deaths of 14 ordinary villagers in the firing by the army on suspicion of militancy. Union Home Minister Amit Shah issued a written statement on the incident in the Lok Sabha on Monday. However, even after that, the opposition parties have attacked the center with equal pace. Among the multiple demands, there are demands from all quarters for lifting the Armed Forces Special Power Act in the North-East. This time, the state government will also demand the withdrawal of AFSPA from the northeastern state. Such news came from Nagaland government sources on Tuesday.

Nagaland’s traditional hornbill festival has already been canceled in the wake of the incident. Different tourists from home and abroad used to come to this festival, different indigenous communities used to participate, all of them are closed like this time. The cabinet of Nagaland government held an emergency meeting after the government announced the decision. There was talk of removing AFSPA. The Chief Minister of Nagaland directly said that AFSPA must be removed as the state has been suffering for a long time because of these forces. At the funeral of the dead villagers, he said, the incident left a black mark on the history of the country. In the same way, the talk of removing AFSPA kept coming up from within the BJP. Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma made the same demand.

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In a statement to Parliament on Monday, the Union Home Minister said the central government was mourning the incident. At the same time, it is said that a vehicle was asked to stop, but the army fired without stopping. The shooting happened by mistake, there was a misunderstanding, that’s why this happened. The incident will be investigated at the highest level by the army.

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Currently, the controversial AFSPA is in effect in Nagaland, Assam, Manipur (excluding the seven assembly constituencies in Imphal), and partly in Arunachal Pradesh. Jammu and Kashmir, Tripura and Meghalaya have been dropped from the list. Under the law, the military can take major steps to arrest or shoot with the slightest suspicion. Civil society and human rights activists have been protesting for a long time.



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