Top 5 Hidden Google Translator Tricks 2021

Google Translator is one of the finest translation tools available. However, certain tricks can be applied to make this tool work in an even better way.  Let’s focus on the top 5 tricks to improve the performance of Google Translator.  You can also check out some of the finest dwarven translators available online. Let’s hop on to the list then.

Speak translation

There is an option where you can speak and get the translation done. Simply tap the Voice Icon and Google translator will translate the words spoken. It works even better if the conversation happens between both the parties. Google Translate also has the option to speak for you. It is a convenient way to carry out the translation process.

Top 5 Hidden Google Translator Tricks 2021

The steps:

  • Simply open Google Translate App 
  • Focus on the top of the screen. There is a language button that you need to click. Once clicked, you will find different languages. Select the languages for translation purposes.
  • Next, tap on the Speak option. Notice how the button reacts. If it turns grey, you will be unable to translate the language being spoken.  
  • Once SPEAK NOW is announced, utter the sentence or words that you want to translate.

Handwriting tool

Handwriting or better to say, you can scribble on the Google Translate screen as well. Just tap on the Pen Icon in the Google Translate app and then write whatever you feel like. The translated output will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Since the screen is not big enough, write short sentences or single words to get them translated.

Top 5 Hidden Google Translator Tricks 2021

Website Translation

This is relatively a common trick. Whenever there is a foreign language-based website, Google Translate will always try to get it translated into the present language. In case it does not, there is another way to manage the process. Simply type the site URL into the Google translate box and then pick the language to which the site needs to be translated. There will be an internal browser opening for viewing the translated version of the website.

Top 5 Hidden Google Translator Tricks 2021

Conversation mode

We all know this – Google Translate comes with a CONVERSATION MODE. Using this feature, you can easily translate any text conversations with ease. Suppose you are talking with someone where there happens to be a language barrier, simply switch to CONVERSATION MODE from the Translate feature located at the top.

Top 5 Hidden Google Translator Tricks 2021

There is also a microphone symbol located beside every language option. What this suggests is the fact that you can easily speak and translate to the language of your choice through the microphone.  

Camera Translation

This is interesting. If you are using an Android device, simply open the Google Translate app. On the top left side of the window, you will notice the language option. Tap on that and all the languages will be displayed. Select from there the preferred language to translate. On the top right-hand side of the screen, you will notice the language to read option.

There is also an option to translate while pointing your camera at the text. Just tap INSTANT TRANSLATE. It is a fast and convenient way to translate any words from the posters and banners. 

Apart from these five tricks, there is also the option to highlight text and translate. This is a very innovative feature of Google Translate. You can easily select a specific line from a text and then get it translated into your preferred language. For closer inspection, you need to tap on the camera and the phone will start to scan. While the scanning process continues, you need to highlight the text and then tap on the arrow available on the right-hand side of the translated text. This will result in exiting the camera mode with the translated text while returning to the HOME Screen.  

Google Translate app can also be used as a dictionary. If you want a synonym of a word, set the Translate To and from to the same language. It will display a synonym of the word to get translated into the results window. 

Final words

Google Translate also allows for offline translation because you have downloaded the required language pack. Unless so, you will not be able to manage the translation.  Whatever there are several tricks and tips on improving the translation of Google Translate. But some of the most common and effective tips are being mentioned here. You can try them at your convenience. Some of the tricks can certainly prove to be effective and time saver.

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