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New Delhi. There is panic in India about the new variant of Corona, Omicron. This new variant of Corona (Coronavirus New Variant in India) has infected more than 200 people in the country on sight. So far, Omicron patients have been found in 12 states of the country. Meanwhile, the assessment of the National Covid-19 Supermodel Committee has come. According to the report of the committee, the third wave of corona in India may come in February of next year i.e. 2022. However, the Committee, citing the sero report in India, said that the third wave in the country would be less dangerous than the second wave. But, on this report of the committee, the doctors of the country and abroad, especially the UK (UK), have a different perspective. These doctors believe that it is not necessary that Omicron will be less dangerous in India. Doctors have given their opinion giving examples of alpha and delta variants.

According to Vidyasagar, head of the National Kovid-19 Supermodel Committee, ‘Daily cases of corona in India are approaching 7,500. Once the Omicron variant starts replacing the delta variant, then the figures of infected will increase rapidly. This is also because the Omicron variant spreads faster than Delta or any other. Therefore, Omicron will be the cause of the third wave of Corona.

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Like the UK, will Omicron be the cause of the third wave of corona in India? (signal photo-AP)

This is the meaning of the report of the National Kovid-19 Supermodel Committee
However, in the Vidyasagar report, sero is taking the survey as the basis. They say that there are very few people in the country who have not yet been hit by the second wave of the Delta variant ie Corona. In such a situation, the third wave will not be more dangerous. Also, the country is already fully prepared to face the third wave. Health capabilities have already been increased significantly before the third wave.

London doctor’s opinion about third wave in India
Some foreign doctors of Indian origin do not agree with the report of the committee. Indian-origin National Health Service London doctor Veer Pushpak Gupta says in an interview to NDTV, ‘This will be his assessment, but in the UK there were a lot of infections from alpha variants and delta variants. The entire UK population was exposed at that time, but the problem with the Omicron variant is that it also attacks antibodies. As far as the Committee says on the basis of sero-positivity rate that Omicron will not be dangerous in India. It is not right in my understanding to say this. You see the population of India. India’s health structure is still not that good. Do you remember what happened in India during the Delta variant? If even 25 percent of India’s total population is infected, then or suppose that it will be affected, then India’s health system will collapse completely.

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On Booster Vaccination, this variant has got a response in more than 80 percent of the people – Expert (file photo)

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Gupta further says, ‘More than this, what I fear most is that when Omicron and Delta attack together in a population or mix the two to make a new variant, then there is a high chance that it will infect more people in India. You remember that the Alpha variant was spotted in Britain only a few months back and it reached India later. Then more people did not pay attention to it and if it infected more people then it turned into a delta variant. Also, you know how dangerous the Delta is, which we are dealing with so far. Omicron is not infecting much of those taking booster doses in the UK. On booster vaccination, this variant has got a response in more than 80 percent of the people. Having immunity inside your body is also a big factor. Therefore, once again it should be made mandatory to apply mask in India, as well as social distancing and booster dose should be done as soon as possible.

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