Top Masters degree to pursue in India

Top Masters degree to pursue in India

People now a day have always preferred to study post-graduation abroad, but if you are planning to complete your post-graduation in India, then it is also a wise decision. People might feel that it will be hard for the students to adjust to the culture of India and language might be a barrier but surprisingly all the post-graduation courses and Courses after 10thin India today are taught in English. This is the reason why international students are attracted to India to complete their post-graduation. Since India is the home of Bollywood cinema and cutting-edge medical research the courses that the universities offer are very much up to date and attractive. The rapid growth in the economy of India helped the growth of the University system around here.

Completing a Master degree at the Indian Universities

Since the 21st century, the higher education system of India has doubled in size because of the rapid growth and the start of so many universities. The increase in the number of Universities has increased the number of specializations offered by Indian universities.

There are four types of Indian Universities

  • State and Central Universities

These are the public institutions which are supported by the national government or the regional government. State universities in India work as a hub in each state and offer degrees through all the affiliated colleges

  • State Private Universities

These state universities are funded privately and not by the state or central government. These universities operate at the state level. These type of universities does not offer degrees through other affiliated colleges.

  • Deemed Universities

These are the type of educational institutions that are not established as universities,but they are officially universities and offer equivalent degrees like the other universities.

  • INI (Institutes of National Importance)

These are the most premier research universities in India. These universities also provide training, and they are established by the acts of the parliament. These universities have a major focus in science and technology fields. They also specialize in engineering. These institutes are further organized into two parts the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and National Institute of Technology (NIT). Admissions to this kind of universities are very much competitive.

If you are planning to complete your post-graduation in India and you are from the Medical or technological field first, you need to find out all the possible scopes that are there in India. Currently, all the top universities in India which teach medicine, engineering and science and technology are Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Indian Institute of Technology Madras. And if you are looking for masters in the field of Social science, humanities or arts then you will be able to find a different range of universities with different courses which you could apply. All the high-quality MBA courses are offered here are very beneficial because of the rapid economic growth in India. All the regular universities of India are supervised by the UGC or the University Grant Commission. The UGC official website gives out details about all the universities which are recognized by UGC. The UGC also helps the student identify all the fake colleges which are working without any proper paperwork on their website.

The International Campus

Recently there was a rule made that made all the International Universities that are presently in India to have their affiliation with other domestic institutions. All the foreign universities are encouraged to set up their colleges here and increase the educational strength of India. Right now a lot of foreign universities have shown a lot of interest in setting up their university in India,and they have also started working on their plan.

The basic structure of Masters in India

The regular academic timing of India Universities is from July to June or at times August to July. The academic year so late helping all the international students to get plenty of time to apply in India for post-graduation. It is important for a student to learn about the university before getting in and this late start of the session helps it.

The length of the course of post-graduation in India differs from course to course and also university to university. Two years is the average time to complete the post-graduation course in India. There are other post-graduation courses which are three years in duration and this help the students get prepared for the PhD research and offer time to explore India in a better way.

The course subjects will all depend on the specialization topic, and there will be a lot of assessments, research work and also thesis work for the students.

Things you need to Apply for a Master’s Degree in India

All the universities of India are autonomous bodies, and every university will have their criterion or their entrance examination which needs to be clear to get admission into that college. All the universities in India charge a nominal application fee which needs to be paid during application.

Required Qualification

The first requirement for a student will be they need to have a completed under graduation course study from their relevant field. India education system follows the three tire degree structure where students need to complete under graduation degree to apply for a postgraduate degree and students need to complete a post-graduation degree to apply for PhD. Students should personally get in touch with their respective universities to know more about the required qualification.

All the prestigious universities in India set up their entrance examination which is very tough to crack. Entrance exams are only needed for the admission in post-graduation whereas no entrance examination is needed in PhD.

Applying in India with the help of EdCIL

EdCIL stands for Educational Consultants India Limited. Educational Consultants India Limited is an organization which is appointed by the government of India to help out all the International students who are showing interest to study in India. Educational Consultants India Limited helps all the international students by guiding them along the way of the application process and will help the students in whatever they need.

All the institutes in India are taught in English so for the entire student s who are well aware of English will not face any problem. To check the language ability of a student, they need to sit for exams like the TOEFL and also IELTS.

Immigration plan and Visa application for Masters Students in India

Students who are interested in studying Masters in India will need to have a student visa. The student visa is valid for five years. To get the visa student need to provide all the necessary documents of the Indian college and students also need to show how they are going to afford this course fee. The other things that are needed are passport size photograph and a valid passport. If students apply through Educational Consultants India Limited, they will be getting assistance in immigration.

Course fee and funding for Masters in India


India universities do not offer any funding to students for the post-graduation degree, but other external organizations fund scholarships for post-graduation. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations also known as ICCR is an organization who gives out a scholarship to students so that people from developing countries can come and complete their educational qualification in India.

Course Fees

The course fees for the master’s degree vary from specialization to specialization. Different universities charge different amount of money for their courses. The course fees of India are much lower from the International standards regarding course fees. Private universities charge much more money than public universities when it comes to course fees.

Employment prospects with the help of a master’s degree from India

If students are studying their master’s degree from a foreign country, it increases the depth of the CV of the student. Studying abroad always broadens the horizon of the student, and it works well when applying for a job. The rapid economic growth of India has attracted a lot of students from abroad to complete their post-graduation course in India. All the employees in Asia will find it very much lucrative for them to come to India and complete their Post graduation course from here. The standard of higher education in India is considered high, and a post-graduation degree from India has a lot of value throughout the world. If students are planning to complete their PhD after their post-graduation, then they should apply to India University. Indian Universities will only help the students to prepare for their PhD while they are completing their post-graduation degree. Right now studying in India and completing their degree for international students is a very nice opportunity.

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