Touch of Sandalwood: Any problem of skin can be cured by the touch of sandalwood


Due to the stress of busy life and environmental pollution, our skin problem seems to be endless lately A number of problems, including breakouts, acne, dark spots, and dark circles প্রতিদিন are age-related. Natural cosmetics like sandalwood will help you to get rid of these problems If you have sandalwood at home, it is very good You will get unadulterated sandalwood coating You can also buy readymade offline or online stores You can use sandalwood powder and sandalwood essential oil either one or two (benefits of sandalwood).

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In many ways sandalwood keeps our skin well-

# The harmful effects of sunlight make our skin tan The touch of sandalwood removes tan coating from our skin Sunburn keeps the skin well, sandalwood gives a cool coating to the skin

# Sandalwood has anti-inflammatory properties 8 If the skin feels burning, use sandalwood essential oil 7

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# The astringent properties of sandalwood are also important Use sandalwood for insect bites or any other minor skin infection

# Sandalwood lining protects the soft tissues of the skin Again, the skinpores tighten Sandalwood 6 is one of the ingredients of facial pack and toner

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# Use sandalwood regularly for acne and acne free skin Because sandalwood has antiseptic properties

# Mixing sandalwood powder with milk and applying it on the face slowly cures acne and acne scars.



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