Twinkle Khanna: What the heck! Twinkle sings ‘Sajan’ movie song in a hoarse voice! The video is viral


#Mumbai: What a mess! Twinkle Khanna or singing? But she is a good actress. Good writer. However, many people do not know that he knows the song. Akshay’s wife sang again in the morning with empty throat. But the way he sat down to sing really surprised netizens.

What exactly did he do? Twinkle Khanna sang with a cup of coffee in her hand in the morning. ‘Saajan’ is a popular movie of 90’s. The film stars Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt. This picture tells a great love story. The songs of ‘Saajan’ also became very popular at that time. Even now many people are humming the song of this film. The song ‘Mera Dil V Kitna Pagal’ was on the lips of Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri. Twinkle started singing that song.

But there is no melody in the song. Twinkle Khanna began to sing in a very hoarse voice. Anyone who listens to this song will be scared. Why is he singing in such a bad way? Netizens also started questioning the heroine.

The song was sung and posted by Twinkle Khanna. He shared this song on his Instagram handle and wrote a funny article. Twinkle writes, “Whether you want to eat or not. If you have laddu for breakfast, it makes your tongue water! But what to eat? So I kept my mouth busy by singing. Then he wrote, “Anyway, my friends, you guys know who to sing. No matter how scary it is. Then sing and share with me.”

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Netizens laughed when they saw this funny post. Many have praised Twinkle’s funny post. Many have said again, I got the courage to sing after seeing you. What does Twinkle do in the next post? Because the next post is going to be more fun, Twinkle has indicated.

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