Two Monkeys Trap By Forest Department After Puppies Deaths Reported from Maharashtra Village


Aurangabad. The Forest Department caught two monkeys in Beed district of Maharashtra. During the past few months, these monkeys allegedly took some puppies with them and kept them on trees or terraces. In this, some puppies died without food or falling down from there. This information was provided by officers. These monkeys were caught on Saturday and shifted to their natural migration, officials said.

A resident of Lavul village claimed that these two monkeys allegedly took away at least 200 puppies, leading to their deaths. However, Range Forest Officer Amol Munde said that only 3 to 4 such incidents have been reported from this village in which puppies died after being taken away by these two monkeys.

More than 200 puppies died in Lavul village
Villager Radhakishan Sonawane said that two monkeys used to take the puppies with them. He told PTI-language, “Such incidents were happening for the last three months. These two monkeys used to take the puppies with them and put them on the roof of the houses or any other place on the height. He said, “At such a height these puppies did not get food or water. That’s why he used to die many times. These pups sometimes even died after falling from a height. More than 200 puppies have died in our village.”

monkeys used to kill puppies in this way
Munde said that the monkeys used to take the puppies, which was his ‘habit’. He said, “They used to keep the puppies on terraces or tall trees. Puppies cannot survive in such places because they do not get food or water there. If a puppy ran away from these two monkeys, he would fall from a height and die. There have been 3 to 4 incidents of puppies dying after being taken away by monkeys in Lavul village.”

When asked whether these monkeys were targeting the puppies in any retaliatory attack, he said that in the last few months, no monkey’s baby has died in Lavul village. He said that some people have also been injured while escaping from these two monkeys.

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