Union Budget 2022 || Budget rules have changed since 2016, new words have been added, know the meaning …


#NewDelhi: The central budget 2022-23 is going to be presented on February 1. A budget deadline is April 1 to March 31 of the following year. Prior to 2016, the government’s expenditure in the budget was divided into two types: Plan Expenditure and Non-Plan Expenditure. But in the budget of 2017, it was given as one. The finance ministry decided to spend the same amount on government schemes. For this the previous rule was changed. The central government changed its name to Capital Spending and Revenue Spending.

Plan Expenditure:

This is an account of the central government’s spending. Plan Expenditure is the calculation of the cost incurred by the Central Government in various schemes, how much money the Central Government has allotted to the States and Union Territories for their schemes. The cost of this Expenditure Plan is borne jointly by any Ministry and Policy Commission of the Central Government. Almost all types of expenses are mentioned here. The cost of different types of schemes carried out by different departments is mentioned here.

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Non-Plan Expenditure:

This non-plan expense has two parts. One is Non-Planned Revenue Expenditure and the other is Non-Planned Capital Expenditure. Non-planned revenue expenditure is the cost of interest on loans taken by the government, the cost of subsidies given to the people, the cost of salaries of government employees, the cost of state government grants, the cost of grants to foreign governments, etc. Non-planned capital expenditure, on the other hand, is the cost of loans to defense and public enterprises, and the cost of loans to state and union governments and foreign governments.

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Capital Spending:

Capital spending is the cost incurred by the government, which helps to show the face of profit in the future. Capital spending is used to purchase various types of property and equipment. At the same time it is used to upgrade different types of equipment.

Revenue Spending:

Expenditure incurred through the government’s revenue account is called revenue spending. This includes staff salaries, ministry and various departmental electricity bills, water bills, stationery, computers, etc.

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