UP Assembly Election: Omicron is terrible, will Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections be delayed? The petition of the court itself!

#NewDelhi: During the second wave of Corona this year, the central government and the National Election Commission had to face the wrath of various courts over the elections in different states of the country. The question has arisen as to why it was necessary to campaign and hold a meeting in the midst of Corona’s power. This time Omicron variant has put its paw in the country. The number of Omicron victims has already crossed the 300-and-a-half mark in the country Experts fear that the third wave of Corona will hit in this weather. On the contrary, the campaign is going on vigorously around the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections. That is why the Allahabad High Court moved this time.

The Allahabad High Court has already sought a stay on the campaign rally surrounding the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. Court appeals to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the National Election Commission to ban public meetings and processions in Uttar Pradesh now. The court even asked for the postponement of the assembly elections in that state

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Incidentally, the BJP is gearing up to win Uttar Pradesh in view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Before the elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to Uttar Pradesh repeatedly to inaugurate or lay the foundation stone of various public welfare projects. Lots of people are gathering on that occasion. Complaints that no cowardly rules are being followed. Even a very small number of people have seen the mask 6 In this climate, the number of Omicron is increasing in the country. Experts are alarmed to see that.

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On Thursday, Narendra Modi sat in an emergency meeting on Omicron. At that meeting, he instructed the government officials to go to work with their belts tied. In this situation, the Allahabad High Court appealed to the Modi government and the National Election Commission. Justice Shekhar Yadav said in this regard, “If the voting procession is not stopped, the situation will be worse than the second wave of coronavirus. If there is life, there will be earth. ” In this situation, will the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections be delayed? Many are in the throes of hope and apprehension.

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