Urvashi Rautela: Gold is falling from the body! Urvashi Rautela in new clothes before Christmas! Viral video


#Mumbai: URVASHI RAUTELA. Popular Bollywood model. He doesn’t do much acting. But everyone knows Urvashi (URVASHI RAUTELA) in one call from Mumbai to Dubai modeling. Although he was seen with a video album or item, he did not act.

What Urvashi (URVASHI RAUTELA) actually does is viral. After flying to Dubai, he once walked the ramp wearing diamond jewelry worth hundreds of millions. Once again, he posed for a photoshoot, just like the Arabs.

People who are not intoxicated by the magic of the form of Urvashi (URVASHI RAUTELA) are responsible for the fair. But no matter how popular he is, he stays away from love. Because work comes to him first. He is always busy with work. Urvashi shared all this on social media and told his fans.

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Upcoming December 25 (URVASHI RAUTELA). Everyone will rejoice in the joy of Christmas. Although now Corona’s eyes are reddening in the form of Omicron. However, the situation is still under control. In this festive season, everyone should be alert and join in the joy. Urvashi will also celebrate this Christmas as his own. Earlier, Urvashi Rautela set fire by sharing a video on her Instagram. She is wearing a golden touch deep solder dress. Diamond necklace around the neck. In this post, he writes, “Christmas magic is in the air now. It needs to shine this season. It needs to make December memorable.” Many people liked this video.

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Urvashi Rautela was on the jury board of this year’s Miss Universe pageant. She cried when she won the Miss Universe title for her Indian daughter. Urvashi also once entered the beauty pageant. But he ran and fell back. So Urvashi became emotional over the victory of the Indian girl. Urvashi shared the video of the special moment.

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