US orders 8,500 troops to be ready amid Russia-Ukraine tensions| US orders 8,500 troops to be ready amid Russia-Ukraine tensions


  US orders 8,500 troops to be ready amid Russia-Ukraine tensions - India TV
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US orders 8,500 troops to be ready amid Russia-Ukraine tensions


  • At stake is the credibility of the NATO coalition force along with the future of Ukraine
  • 8,500 US troops are being prepared for possible deployment

Washington: The Pentagon has asked 8,500 troops to be ready to deploy to Europe as part of a NATO force, amid growing concerns about Russia’s threat of military action on Ukraine. President Joe Biden held discussions with leading European leaders and expressed solidarity with his allies. With orders issued on Monday to prepare US troops to deploy to Europe, there seems to be little hope that Russian President Vladimir Putin will back down from what Biden has called the threat of an attack on neighboring Ukraine. I have calculated. Meanwhile, the future of Ukraine is at stake as well as the credibility of the NATO coalition force, which is central to US defense strategy.

Putin sees it as a reminder of the Cold War and a threat to Russian security. Biden believes that this crisis is a great test of his ability to take a united effort against Putin. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said 8,500 US troops were being prepared for a possible deployment. These could be sent to Eastern Europe as part of a NATO force expressing solidarity to the deterrence of any offensive activity by Russia, not in Ukraine.

Russia has denied the possibility of an attack. It says that the allegations by Western countries are only an attempt to cover up NATO’s own well-planned provocations. Biden spoke over an 80-minute video call with several European leaders on Russia’s military activities. “I had a very, very good meeting,” he told reporters at the White House. There is absolute consensus among all European leaders.

The White House said European leaders have expressed their aspirations for a diplomatic solution to the crisis, as well as discussed efforts to contain Russia’s further activities. A day earlier, the US State Department ordered the families of all US personnel working at the US embassy in Ukraine to leave the country amid growing threats of a Russian attack. The ministry advised dependents of US embassy personnel in Kiev that they should leave the country.

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