US Prez Joe Biden Caught On Mic Snapping At Fox News Reporter Who Asked About Inflation Peter Doocy


New Delhi: US President Joe Biden lost his cool when a Fox News reporter questioned him about inflation on Monday, responding in a vulgarity. Fox News which is known to be relentlessly critical of Joe Biden asked the President about inflation which has been at a nearly 40-year high hurting Biden’s public approval, reported AP News

While the president was in the East Room of the White House for a meeting of his Competition Council, which is focused on changing regulations and enforcing laws to help consumers deal with high prices. Reporters in the room shouted a number of questions after Biden’s remarks.

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According to AP News, Fox reporter Peter Doocy called out, “Do you think inflation is a political liability ahead of the midterms?” To which Biden responded with sarcasm, “It’s a great asset — more inflation.” Then he shook his head and added, “What a stupid son of a…”

This was captured by a microphone in front of Biden and on camera, Doocy laughed it off in a subsequent appearance on his network, joking, “Nobody has fact-checked him yet and said it’s not true.”

According to the report, Doocy told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that Biden called him later to clear the air. Doocy said Biden told him, “It’s nothing personal, pal.” But the White House didn’t respond to comment.

In another incident last week, at his news conference last week, Biden sarcastically said to Doocy, “You always ask me the nicest questions.”

“I have a whole binder full,” the reporter answered.

“I know you do,” Biden said. “None of them make a lot of sense to me. Fire away.”



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