Us satellite image claims china is doing construction work near pangong in eastern ladakh


New Delhi: Eastern Ladakh (Eastern Ladakh) in china (China) He is not deterring from his antics. Satellite image posted on social media claims that China’s army (Chinese Army) North Bank of Pangong (North Bank of Pangong ) I am doing construction work in Seriesap from Finger 8. These photos were shared by Foreign Policy magazine reporter Jack Detsch on Twitter. (Twitter) Posted on. In these satellite images, it can be seen that the Chinese army is engaged in helipad and other construction activities along with permanent settlement in the North Bank.

This area of ​​Finger 8 is already under the control of China after the violent dispute between the Indian and Chinese army in June 2020. India and China have agreed on the process of disengagement from the Friction Point located around Pangong Lake of North and Southern Bank regarding the border dispute. In this the area of ​​Finger 4 and Finger 8 comes. After this agreement, the People’s Liberation Army destroyed its permanent and temporary construction work from these areas. But in these pictures some actions are being seen from the Chinese side in the disengagement area.

Us satellite image claims china is doing construction work near pangong in eastern ladakh

China is doing construction work near Finger 8

In fact, this picture was taken by the US space firm Maksar Technology in Eastern Ladakh in October. In comparison to the current picture and the previous picture, it has been seen that China has strengthened itself in this area in a period of 7 months. Earlier in February this year, Muxar Technology had released the image of this area after the announcement of disengagement between India and China. But in comparison to the pictures taken in February, it can be clearly seen in these pictures released in October that China has built new shelters in this area and construction work is going on.

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China is doing construction work near Pangong in eastern Ladakh - Satellite Image
China is building construction work near Pangong in eastern Ladakh – Satellite Image

In these new pictures, Chinese boats can be seen near Sirijap in this area. Last year, during the military dispute between the two countries, China had brought its boats closer to Finger 4 and Finger 5. This area is very close to the Indian territory. Earlier it was claimed in media reports that China has destroyed the helipad built near Finger 5, but in the new pictures, a helipad-like structure can be seen near Finger 8.

Intelligence agencies have confirmed the activities related to the construction work being done by China on the Line of Control in Eastern Ladakh. China is building new infrastructure and increasing construction-related activities to strengthen its position in this area.

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