Vastu Tips: Do not put clock in this direction in home or office, it has bad effect – Vastu Tips Do not put wall clock in this direction at home or office ish disha me na lagaye ghadi


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Today in Vastu Shastra, know in which direction the clock should not be placed. Just as putting a clock in the right direction gives good results, in the same way, if a clock is placed in the wrong direction at home or office, it can bring negative results for you. Therefore it is very important to choose the right direction.

According to Vastu Shastra, the clock should not be placed on the south wall of the house or office because, the south direction is considered to be the direction of Yama and in Hindu scriptures Yama is considered as the god of death. By putting a clock in this direction, obstacles start coming in the way of business and the vehicle of development gets stuck in the middle. Along with this, there is also a negative effect on the people of the house. Apart from the south direction of the house, do not put a clock on the main door of the house.

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