Vastu Tips: Keep precious jewelry towards this direction, happiness and prosperity will remain in the house – Vastu Tips know the best direction for jewelry according to vastu shastra in hindi


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Vastu Tips

According to Vastu Shastra, keeping the valuables kept in the house in the right direction increases happiness and prosperity. Vastu is considered very important among Indians. Then whether it is from building a house or having the things kept in the house in the right place. We have to face many problems due to not having the things kept in the right directions in the house. Similarly, very few people keep the precious jewelry kept in the house in the right direction. If you want to maintain happiness and prosperity in your house, then according to Vastu, keep your precious jewelry in the right direction of the house.

Know from Acharya Indu Prakash in Vastu Shastra, where to keep your precious jewellery. Cash money is light, so it is considered good to keep it in the north direction. But jewelry has weight and also has a high value. That’s why they have to be kept in a special and safe place. Being heavy, jewelry should be kept in the south direction. Because the south direction is considered to be the best place to keep heavy goods.

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