Viral News: Talking about government jobs! ‘This’ method of copying, the police made the video viral


#NewDelhi: What do people do for government job? A viral news has come out which shows how unethical steps have been taken to get a chance in government job exams. The police have made a viral video of the incident in which he committed the act of cheating The Government Job examination was for the job of a constable in Uttar Pradesh Police Uttar Pradesh was cheating for the examination of sub-inspectors Police can understand in the test of the metal director that he has brought a device Police started questioning him Then the police themselves were shocked

Viral News is rapidly becoming 8 on social media IPS officer Rupin Sharma shared that it is almost like cheating in preparation for war To share the video on Twitter, he wrote in the caption, #UttarPradesh mein Sub-Inspector’s EXAM mein #CHEATING #nakal. Watch Viral News Viral Video Viral Video 6

This video shows how to prepare for imitation She is wearing a wig over her hair Inside this wig is his earphone connection The test taker who came to copy how the connection was given in this earphone said 6

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This earphone is so small that it has penetrated through the inside of the ear He was so deep inside the ear that he could not get out by himself Police found the stolen equipment with a metal detector

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