Viral Video: It’s all over in 16 seconds! The truck crushed the child sitting alone on the bike


#Kolkata: An 18-second bizarre video has gone viral on social media. Where a baby (Baby) is first seen sitting on an empty bike (Baby on Bike) by the side of the road. Meanwhile, there is no big one near the bike Suddenly it is understood that the handle of the bike is unlocked As a result of the movement of the child, the bike (Baby on Bike) becomes untidy and falls to the ground This is when the tragic event happened As soon as the baby fell, a truck hit the road and left the baby (Baby) in an accident.

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A woman and a man approached the bike shortly after the incident and it is hoped that both their parents will leave soon. Then he picked up the baby and ran But relatives or parents did not get any benefit from their coming or running Because the child had died by then

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After this video came out, the family members raised questions They raised the question of how to leave this infant (Baby on Bike) alone They clearly say that if the child had lived with the family, such an accident would not have happened Take a look at the viral video of that tragic incident (Viral Video) 6

The tragic accident has gone viral on all social media, including Facebook and Twitter. But not of any joy, but of utterly tragic misery and sorrow However, everyone who watches this video (bizarre) is questioning the lack of intelligence and responsibility of the family.

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