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# Lucknow: Many people have committed various acts due to fear at different times while going for vaccination. Some have cried, some have fainted. This time, a video has come out from Uttar Pradesh, in which it has been seen that a person has started climbing a tree for fear of being vaccinated. He claims he will not be vaccinated.

He did not want to be vaccinated, he was heard to say that in a moaning voice. Heard in the video, he is being told by vaccination workers, please come down. But the person is giving the message from the counter tree. He says, I will not get down, I will not get vaccinated. Scares me

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However, the health workers were able to handle the situation in the end. They talked for a long time and managed to bring the man down from the tree. He was able to bring it down and convince it for the ticker. In addition, another video from Uttar Pradesh has gone viral, showing a man practically fighting with a health worker. He will not be vaccinated, that is his word.

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The videos were made by vaccinators during a mass immunization program in Uttar Pradesh. That video of health workers has gone viral. Health workers have released the video to show that they are trying hard to get vaccinated, but are unable to do so, in many cases, due to such resistance.

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