Viral video of bull driven back 2 lionesses in junagad gujarat

Ahmedabad. Social Media But every day some video becomes viral as soon as it is uploaded in front. many such Video (Viral Video) There have been cases in which animals have been seen fighting among themselves. one in many videos Animal Viral Video It has also been seen hunting other animals. There have also been some videos in which animals have been seen attacking humans. Meanwhile, another video has surfaced, in which Bull give to Lioness Video Can be seen fighting. This video has gone viral in few minutes.

This video posted on Facebook is from Junagadh, Gujarat. It can be seen that a bull is present outside a house in Mota Hadmatia village of Vishwadhar taluka of Junagadh. This is night time. The whole neighborhood is sleeping. But then two lionesses come out of the forest and come to the village. When both the lioness walk near that house, they are happy to see a bull.

It can be seen in the video that the lioness is about to attack the bull as part of a plan to make it their morsel. One of the lioness first moves towards the bull. She tries to strike the bull’s neck, but the bull, being alert, drives her away through the horn. The lioness then goes after the bull in an attempt to hunt it again. But the bull then drives him away.

In this one minute 52 second video, it is seen that the lioness continuously tries to attack the bull to hunt it. His efforts continue many times. But there is no success. Every time the bull chases them away. After this the bull is seen driving the lioness on the other side of the street. Later the lioness is seen following him. But they are unable to hunt him. People are very much liking this video on social media.

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