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# Lucknow: ‘Police do not take bribes? Is this happening again! ‘ Many people say this more or less. Evidence of this can be found at various times. But have you ever openly or openly admitted to taking bribes from a police officer or an officer, again in front of everyone, have you ever seen or heard of such a thing? Yes, such an incident happened in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. A police officer confessed in front of the classroom admission students, ‘Police take bribes, but do the job instead. But officials of other professions take bribe money, but in that case it may not work. And this video is going viral on social media today.

What happened?

A program called ‘Police Ki Pathshala’ is running in schools in Uttar Pradesh districts. A local police officer went to a school in Unnao to take part in a similar program. Going there, he openly told the students to take bribe. He said, “If the police take the money, they will understand that it will be done.” He added, “The police department is the best. If the police take money, they will understand that it will be done. But go to another department, take money there too. But it will not work. If you look at the teachers, everyone has received money throughout the year. But I had to do the class sitting at home. And the police have done a lot more than usual in Corona Atimari. “

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Note that this statement of the police officer is no longer confined to the four walls of the class. Someone captured his ‘Bani’ on camera and posted it on social media. Then it goes viral in no time. Unnao police tweeted about the police officer’s statement, saying, ‘The district magistrate of Bighapur is looking into the matter. After that the report will be submitted to the high officials.



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