Viral Video: The floor is burning, two teenagers are hanging from the window, then? Watch the shortness of breath viral video

Lelihan flames of devastating fire swallowing the multi-storey! The building is burning with a bang! Smoke is coming out from the five floors of the multi-storey! Meanwhile, two teenagers can be seen hanging from the five-story window! Trying hard to survive! At the moment the footage is in the viral net world!

Watching the video shared on social media gives a thorn in the side! At the beginning of the video, a young woman is seen hanging from a five-story window. Smoke is coming out of that window. There is a pipe a short distance from the window, he is trying to catch it, he grabs the pipe after a few seconds.

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Then another teenager was seen coming out of the window. The first man reached out to save him. In the end, the teenager can catch the pipe. The two teenagers no longer wait for the rescue team. The pipe comes down the aisle. By then the fire has started to grow more! Gradually spreading throughout the building. Two teenagers in Baratjore survived, no major injuries, two teenagers aged 13 and 16 were slightly injured. The horrific incident happened in the East Village of New York.

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The video was shared on Twitter from an account called ‘Good News Correspondent’. After being shared, it has crossed 3 lakh views. Netizens praised the bravery of the two teenagers.

The New York City Fire Department said in a statement that the electric bike’s lithium-ion battery caught fire on several floors. The two teenagers are currently in stable condition and undergoing treatment at a hospital. One died in the blaze, and another was in critical condition.


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