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# Beijing: What the heck. Netizens are getting frustrated after watching that viral video on social media. As seen in the video, a giant panda is crawling on the wall of the enclosure of the Beijing Zoo in China. According to the local news agency, there were many visitors (viral video) at the zoo at that time. All the viewers got to see the viral video of the 8-year-old panda named Meng Lan.

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This strange incident happened last Wednesday. Authorities immediately announced that visitors would be kept away from the panda. Even after that, many people started recording the video of the panda jumping in front of the wall on their mobile phones. The panda climbed to the top of the wall about 6 feet high. The crowd is overflowing to see the ‘paji’ panda. The panda descends from the enclosure where the spectators stand. After that, the members of the zoo authorities lured him back to the cage.

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Many viewers put the video on their mobile phones. And then it went viral on social media. China’s microblogging site Weibo later reported that Meng Lan had never been seen before. He has never had any experience of human voice or presence. He probably wanted to get out of the cage when he heard the screams of the spectators. Later, the zoo staff cleverly returned him to the cage, showing greed for food.

According to the zoo, this panda is very naughty by nature. The footage also shows whether any of the spectators showed him the temptation to eat. It has been decided to rebuild the enclosure to keep him away so that such incidents do not happen again.


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