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Voter id card online apply: Assembly elections in five states are to be held next year. The Election Commission of India has started preparations regarding this. Whatever be the elections of the country, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the youth towards them. Since on reaching the age of 18 years in the country, you become a Young Voter. In such a situation, he is happy to vote in the election. Now in the elections to be held next year also, a large number of new voters will make the future of the country better by casting their invaluable votes. In such a situation, the first phase of becoming a voter starts by making a voter ID card or voter ID card (How to Make New Voter ID Card).

Voter ID card (voter id card online apply) is issued by the Election Commission. Any person of the country who has completed the age of 18 years can get the Voter ID Card (How to Make New Voter ID Card) made. But how is this Voter ID card made? From where is the voter id registration made? What has to be done for this? All these questions arise in the minds of people, trying to find answers to which they make rounds of offices. Removing all your dilemmas, we are telling here the complete process of making Voter ID card…

This is the way to make Voter ID card sitting at home (How to Make New Voter ID Card)

1. For making offline voter ID (voter id card online apply), you have to first fill Form 6. You will get it free of cost in the office of Booth Level Officer or Electoral Registration Officer. After this, it can be filled and submitted along with the necessary documents (documents needed for voter id) there or they can be sent through post or can be sent to the booth level officer.

2. For making online voter ID card (voter id registration), you have to first go to the National Voter Service Portal (NVSP). Its web address is or

3. After going to, you will have to register in it. After this, click on ‘Apply Online for New Voter Registration’ or Register as a New Elector/Voter.

4. After clicking on it, a form will appear on the screen. In that form you have to fill your name, address, your date of birth.

5. After filling all the information on the form, you will also have to upload some documents (documents needed for voter id). You will get to know about the required documents at the place of uploading. Through these only your date of birth and address will be verified.

6. After filling the form and uploading the document, when you have completed all the steps, then you have to press a submit button.

7. After all these steps, you will be sent a link of voter ID on that email ID, which you have entered in the form. From here you will get all the information related to the generation of your Voter ID card.

8. After completing all the steps and clicking on the submit button after completing the form, you will get a new vote ID card in 1 month.

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