What Did Nupur Sharma Say on TV Show? Full Details

What Did Nupur Sharma Say on TV Show? Full DetailsWhat Did Nupur Sharma Say on TV Show: The biggest issue has been raised when the BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma commented on Prophet Muhammad (PUBH). All the Muslim communities are extremely hurt by this statement of Nupur Sharma. In the different states in India Muslims are protesting against it. Many Muslims are getting violent after this hate comment on Prophet.

What Did Nupur Sharma Say on TV Show?

Nowadays, TV debate shows are spreading hate and making people less logical, it is just because of the TRP. Some illogical talks are becoming the talk of the town. If you want to live happily then do not fall into the trap of these political parties. They are reaching their political goals by separating us.

We have to beautify the nation by living here peacefully. We only can do it. Islam is the religion of peace, so good Muslims can not be aggressive to anyone. Similarly, a good Hindu can not be arrogant to anyone. Our religion never teaches this kind of hatred.

Why Hindu-Muslim issue is becoming a common thing and what is the reason behind it? We have to understand clearly.

What Did Nupur Sharma Say on TV Hindi?

Let’s talk about what did she say about the last messenger in Hindi:

Tumhare urte hue ghore and earth is flat jo Quran mein likha hai, bakayda uska majak banana shuru kardu? 6 saal ki bachhi se pyaar karke, 9 saal mein you are having sex with her. Kisne? Prophet Muhammad ne. Bolna shuru kardu mein?

What did Nupur Sharma Say on TV in English?

Now let’s understand what did she say in English:

Your flying horses and the earth is flat which is written in the Quran, should I start making fun of these?  By loving a 6 year old girl, you are having sex with her when she was 9 years. Who? Prophet Muhammad. Should I start speaking?

Nupur Sharma Statement Video

Nupur Sharma Comment on Prophet

What Nupur Sharma said on the TV show is demanding her arrest as soon as possible and her statement had opened investigations against Nupur Sharma and a few others – “on the basis of social media analysis against those trying to disrupt public tranquillity and inciting people on divine lines”.

Divine things are pure and they are not related to politics. We have to dive very very deep to understand a line of a holy book. So, why does the TV debate circulate hateful speech just because of the so-called TRP? Politicians’ work is to unite the people, not to divide on the basis of their religion just to get political power. All religions, be it Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, or Christian are private matters and should not be juxtaposed with politics.

After Nupur Sharma Comment on Muhammad

After 10 days, BJP removed her from the party and she also got police protection when she starts getting death threats according to a news source. The statement against the Muslim community during a national TV debate invited the anger of the Muslim people. They are currently demanding her legal arrest. The said matter highly attracted international attention such as Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain. These countries are urging the Government of India to take legal action and issue an apology on behalf of a member of the ruling party.

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