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#London: Corona epidemics and lockdowns have pushed children away from their schools, employees have moved away from their offices, and boyfriends and girlfriends have moved away from each other. Lockdown has caused problems where boyfriends and girlfriends can’t see each other (Viral News).

This time their only hope is video call. Many times boyfriends and girlfriends start romance with video calls. Recently, a news has come out which has surprised everyone. One of the problems that arose when a woman in England had a romance during a video call was that she had to go to the hospital.

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Rosiee Sunshine, a 21-year-old from central London, England, had a problem during a video call romance that made her problem worse. According to the Daily Star, Rosie was talking on a video call with her long distance boyfriend. Gradually their video calls began to become romantic. Rosie started using adult toys to add to the excitement. But this adult toy became the main cause of Rosie’s problem.

Adult toy is stuck in the secret parts of the body

According to reports, Rosie Sunshine was using an adult toy during a video call. At that time, the adult toy enters the body through Rosie’s secret organs. When Rosie couldn’t make that adult toy bar after many attempts, she went to the hospital with her flatmate. When the hospital doctor did an X-ray, it was found that there was a silicone toy 10 cm long and 4 cm wide inside his body. Rosie herself was shocked to see that. According to the report, the doctor manually removed the adult toy from Rosie’s body without any surgery.

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There could be deep problems in the secret organs of the body

Rosie said she and her boyfriend were both terrified when the incident happened. Rosie said she tried to get the adult toy out in many ways, but when the situation got worse, she was forced to take her flatmate to the hospital. The doctor said that if the adult toy could not be taken out at the right time, there could be a bigger danger!


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