What is SBI statement password and how to open SBI e-statement PDF

If you are an SBI Bank Customer, then often you might need to check your Bank Account statement to keep track of Transactions got happened within your Bank Account? And so the reason you download your SBI Bank Account statement.

But, the Bank Statement you download via various methods is Password-Protected. The password of that Account statement is a combination of details, including account number, mobile number, date of birth, card number, etc.

And a lot of people might get confused with these. To simplify things up, we have created this article for you; here, we are about to cover how you can Open your SBI Bank Account with Password and view all the transactions that happened with your Account.

So without any more delays, let’s get straightforward and begin this article.

Prerequisites for Knowing the SBI Account Statement Password:

Things you need to have are :

  • You should know your SBI Bank Account Number.
  • You should know your Mobile Number associated with your SBI Bank Account.
  • You should have your SBI Bank Account Statement PDF.


What is SBI Statement Password?

So here is the pattern of how SBI sets the password of the Bank Account Statement, which is as follows :

SBI Bank Account Password is of Total: 13 Characters

  1. The First 5 Characters are The last 5 digits of your mobile number associated with the Bank Account.
  2. Rest of the 8 Characters: Is your date of birth given in your Bank Account Details.

So, for example :

If your

  • Mobile Number: 9886521572
  • Date of Birth (DDMMYY): 16 January 1994 | 16011994

Here is how your Bank Account Statement Password gonna be :


And following the same combination, you can also generate your SBI Bank Account E-Statement Password and then can print it out too.

If you are an SBI Debit Card user, you might also be interested in checking an article on SBI Debit Card Tracking.


We hope that you might have found this article informative and we’re able to solve all of your queries and question; however, still, in case you have any doubts or question, then do let us know with the help of the comment section given below; we will be happy to help you out.

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