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#NewDelhi: Indications of the Great War again? This time Russia on one side, America on the other! A similar situation has arisen in Eastern Europe amid tensions over Ukraine Crisis. For a long time, the countries of Eastern Europe were surrounded by various countries with Russia. But it has been newly created centering on Ukraine (Ukraine Crisis). Why, it will be clear if we look at the latest decision of the US administration.

According to sources, the Biden administration is considering sending about 5,000 US troops to Eastern Europe, a US administration official has recently confirmed in several media outlets. Amid growing fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, US military intervention in the region is intended to maintain stability, the US administration has said. U.S. troops could move to Romania and Poland, or possibly Bulgaria or Hungary. No final decision has been made, but troops have been told to be ready to go.

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The armies of US service members may remain in their existing posts in other NATO countries in Europe. Some troops from the 72nd Airborne Division will also be arriving at Fort Bragg, N.C. this time around. The New York Times, the American media, was the first to report on the military operation. As well as reports, Pentagon military officials have suggested a number of alternatives to President Joe Biden.

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He had a proposal to send troops. That said, between 1,000 and 5,000 troops could be sent to Eastern European countries and the Baltic region. “If the situation worsens, this number is likely to increase tenfold,” the media reported.

So far, U.S. assistance to Ukraine has largely come in the form of military equipment. Aid from the Biden administration, including about 200,000 pounds of “critical aid” ammunition, arrived in Ukraine on Sunday. In October, the United States also sent 30 Javelin anti-tank guided missiles to Ukraine. Ukraine already has more than 150 U.S. military advisers, according to the Times, although they are not on the front lines.

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