What is TPIN in Zerodha? (Detailed Guide)

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What is Zerodha and What is TPIN in Zerodha?

Zerodha is one of the largest stock brokers in India in the stock industry. The platform offers a wide range of unique additional services for improving the user experience. Zerodha takes very well care of each of its customers and owes to provide absolute safety and security over its access.

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What is Zerodha TPIN?

Zerodha TPIN is a six-digit password option authorized to withdraw the selected shares from the customer’s Demat account. The same is usually done with the CDSL depository. Zerodha CDSL TPIN is typically provided to the customers to limit the time of selling the shares online.

Zerodha is meant to provide additional security to your account. The best thing here is that it can’t withdraw the deposits from your Demat account without your permission.

It is like the Power of Attorney and is usually provided to the customer’s broker while opening an account. Zerodha TPIN can perfectly replace the PoA to offer an extreme user experience.

CDSL takes on the credibility of managing the Zerodha TPIN of the individual’s account. Users here are free to get the new TPIN online and can reset it even by checking out the official website of CDSL. Zerodha usually accesses this TPIN as a third-party service from the CDSL.

Zerodha works in collaboration with CDSL and aims to provide a complete stock market experience without any issues. CDSL is meant to hold all of the Demat accounts opened with Zerodha. Whether it’s about Mutual Funds or Shares or NCD or ETF, Zerodha manages the securities, and the other remains in the Demat account along with the CDSL.

The Zerodha account usually manages the final servicing of the customer’s Zerodha Demat account. Before leaving further with the stock world, keep in mind that the broker doesn’t provide access to the account.

TPIN is meant for security, and it offers an extreme of that. Being introduced on June 1, 2020, TPIN is a complete security solution provided to brokers to prevent the misuse of the clients’ limited power of attorney. Demat PoA is only meant for online trading. It permits the brokers to withdraw particular shares when the client sells them online.

What are the different PINs offered by Zerodha?

Zerodha offers three types of PINs for customers, and that is:

  • Kite PIN, which is meant for login
  • Zerodha Telephone, which is intended for calling Zerodha
  • And Zerodha CDSL TPIN, which is designed for Demat sell transaction

When to use the Zerodha CDSL TPIN?

Zerodha is a depository participant that works along with CDSL. It is the only service of your Demat account that doesn’t have access to this account until you explicitly give permission.

One can efficiently use the Zerodha CDSL TPIN in different situations:

  • Placing your ‘Sell’ order
  • Getting marginal benefits from your stocks
  • Converting the intraday sell orders to the delivery orders

Making a secure sign into the PoA while opening the Demat account is always advised. The same authorized users about the debt securities from the Demat account and provides excellent assistance in selling. The TPIN involved in Zerodha is an additional password that allows customers to make Demat transactions. This TPIN is usually stored in the CDSL database, which makes it safe and prevents the brokers’ misuse of your Demat account.

What are the benefits of Zerodha TPIN?


Zerodha TPIN is an assurance of the safety of your account. This feature brings up a lot of benefits to the users, such as:

  • CDSL TPIN is the best way to add more security to your Zerodha Demat account.
  • It relieves you from the headache of using PoA in your account.
  • Managing Zerodha TPIN is relatively easy to go. One can quickly get access just by making a secure login to the CDSL website or enjoy access from the dedicated website.
  • Users here can opt for the new CDSL TPIN anytime and can even reset the existing TPIN depending on their requirements.
  • Zerodha uses CDSL TPIN as a third-party security service. Its authentication is usually owned and operated by the CDSL, which further prevents your account’s misuse or manipulation.
  • The entire process of opening or closing an account at Zerodha is entirely paperless, which means that you can save time and hassle to be spent on the paperwork.


So, Guys! Hopefully, you have learned about the TPIN in Zerodha now. It is an absolute option to add up a level of security to your CDSL account. Zerodha TPIN is safe and easy to access and quite helpful in preventing misuse of your account at any level. We have added detailed information and the benefits of the Zerodha TPIN  here in this guide. It will help you a lot during access.

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