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#NewDelhi: Everything has changed in New Normal. What will be the impact of the budget (Union Budget 2022)? Because there has been a radical change in life. The ‘Work From Home’ model has firmly started. Work is going on from home instead of office. For now, experts are identifying this as the ‘future of the workplace’. Many well-known companies are expected to follow this hybrid model in the future. As a result, the employee no longer has to come to the office. He can do office work from home or anywhere. While this may seem like a good thing at first glance, the work-from-home affair has seen a sharp rise in staff costs. On the one hand the cost of office travel and time is being saved but on the other hand working from home (Work From Home) separate internet connection, working setup, electric bill and mobile bill are also being increased. And that’s pretty much money. Before Covid, there was no thought for these costs. Because, small expenses would not be a problem to get from the office. But now it is not.

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On top of that there is also the problem of space constraints in the house. Multiple members of a family are working from home. As a result, separate rooms have to be arranged for them. Separate setup for home kids online classes too. He has to aim so that he does not have any problem. As a result, the employees have to decorate the office at home. Accessories including chairs, tables and accessories are to be purchased. And it’s all falling out of the employee’s pocket. The office is not paying attention. Asking for this money from the office is not realistic.

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The same trend that has plagued salaried employees since 2020 has continued. Many salaried employees are still getting paid. This corona situation has given birth to work from home. In this case too, the month has had an effect on mine. So keeping this in mind, a section of employees have demanded that if the company cannot pay the allowance, then the government should give some tax exemption. In fact, getting a tax deduction or a work-from-home allowance will go a long way in easing the pressure on workers’ pockets for internet charges, rent, electricity bills, furniture, etc.

Deloitte India has already expressed hope for this announcement in its forthcoming budget (Union Budget 2022). The company has suggested giving an additional tax deduction of Rs 50,000 to workers working from home. The same advice was given by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The amount of standard deduction under section 16 of income tax has been increased to Tk 50,000. They have demanded to increase it to Tk 1 lakh in the changed situation.

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