Why did the opposition finally take au turn on the Electoral Law Amendment Bill 2021


New Delhi. Now the opposition has created a ruckus about the Election Reforms Amendment Bill, 2021 passed in the Lok Sabha, in which it has been said to link the Aadhaar number with the voter ID card. Government sources say that in the all-party meeting convened by the Election Commission on 7 August 2018 to discuss electoral reforms, all parties supported this point. The parties, who came to participate in the meeting, had asked the commission to link the voter’s Aadhaar number with his election card, so that whatever changes have to be made in the voter list in future, that work can be done in a better way. Even in April 2018, a delegation of Madhya Pradesh Congress has met the Chief Election Commissioner of the state demanding that the Aadhaar card be linked with the voter ID card, so that the number of fake voters can be controlled. Even Sharad Pawar’s NCP had suggested linking of voter ID card with Aadhaar in Maharashtra, which was accepted by then Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Therefore, the sources of the government are not shying away from claiming that in the process of electoral reforms, many such proposals came from all the political parties, including the proposal to link the Aadhar card with the voter ID card.

According to the Election Commission, it is up to the voter to add the name in the voter list, who tells that he has the right to register as a voter in his area. Therefore, according to government sources, there is a provision in this bill that a person desirous of getting a voter ID card can give his Aadhaar number of his own free will. No form will be rejected on the ground that he has not given the information of Aadhaar number. Linking the Aadhaar number with the voter list will save the Election Commission from a very big problem. This will enable better management of the voters’ database. Till now it is happening that the same person is in the voter list at many places. Government sources say that this will prove to be a big step in removing the names of fake voters from the list.

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Sources tell that this happens because many people keep changing their homes frequently and wherever they go, they definitely get their names written in the voter list. He is also a donor without deleting his name from the voter list of the previous place by writing his name at a new place. Therefore, by linking the Aadhar card with the voter list, it will be easy to cut the names of those voters who are in the list at different places many times or have registered their name in the voter list two to three times at the same place. The government believes that once it is linked with Aadhaar, then in future if someone tries to insert his name at a new place without getting his name removed, then the system of voter list will alert the entire system immediately. This will help from removing the names of fake voters from the voter list to getting their names registered in the voter list at new places.

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After being introduced in the Lok Sabha, the tone of the opposition parties has also changed. After being passed by the Lok Sabha, now the bill has to go through the examination of the Rajya Sabha as well. That is why the Modi government is taking steps to implement the electoral reforms which were being discussed for decades.

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