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#NewDelhi: It is often seen that debit card and credit card get stuck in the ATM machine. This kind of thing can happen to anyone. But at that time there are certain ways to follow without fear. There are a number of ways that debit and credit cards can be recovered from ATMs. Let’s take a look at all those ways.

Reasons why the card is stuck in the ATM machine

Many people often get their debit and credit cards stuck at ATMs. Let’s take a look at the real reasons why debit and credit cards get stuck in ATM machines-

– If their details are entered in the ATM machine too late.

– If many times incorrect information is entered.

– If there is a problem with the power connection of the ATM machine and the power goes out.

– Different types of technical problems.

– Server connection problem.

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Ways to get a debit card and credit card back

If someone’s debit card gets stuck in an ATM machine, the bank needs to be notified immediately. You need to call the customer care phone number of the bank to know where the card is stuck in the ATM machine of any city. If the ATM machine belongs to the bank where you have your account, then it is very easy to get the card back. But if that ATM machine belongs to another bank, then some problems may arise.

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Two Customer Care Options –

After reporting this problem by calling customer care, two options will be offered from there. The first option is to block the stuck card. If that card is blocked then you have to make a new card again. If you think that stuck card may be misused then it is better to block that card. There is also another way to get the card back if it gets stuck in another bank’s ATM machine. The stuck card is sent to the designated bank on behalf of that bank. After that you have to go to your own bank and bring that card.



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