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#NewDelhi: Will the ‘Data Security Bill’ protect the general public at all? The Joint Parliamentary Committee questioned the goodwill of the government at a time when political tensions were running high between the government and the opposition across the country. The committee raised the question, how successful will the central government be in protecting the information of the people of the country?

The joint parliamentary committee on Thursday submitted a report on the information security bill in the Lok Sabha as well as the Rajya Sabha. According to the report, the government itself is a source of information. So the government has to make sure that the information is not leaked.

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The report of the parliamentary committee also said that the proposed law states that if any information is leaked, the responsibility will remain on the concerned department or department. The committee has recommended changing the rules of the proposed law. “This process will hamper the decision-making process of the department concerned,” it said. This provision will also disrupt the daily work of various government departments.

According to the recommendation of the Information Protection Bill Committee headed by PP Chowdhury, if the information protection law is violated, that is, if the information is leaked in any way, then the departmental investigation should be started first and the accused person should be identified through it. The committee has also made several recommendations regarding the media. It has been said that rights should not be abused in the name of journalism.

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The committee has recommended the formation of a committee or council to prevent such abuse in all media outlets. From Manish Tiwari of Congress, Jairam Ramesh, Vivek Tankha, Mahua Maitra and Derek O’Brien are in the committee on behalf of Trinamool. Congress last month issued a “decent note” objecting to some of the data protection bills.

Congress MP Jairam Ramesh presented a report on the Information Security Bill in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday. “This report demonstrates that the chairman is an ally, the government is compliant and the opposition camp is responsive,” he said. Political circles think that if the government follows the recommendations of the Joint Parliamentary Committee and walks the path of passing the Information Protection Bill, then the Information Protection Act may come into force in the country soon. Which will be a landmark law of the modern age.


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