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#NewDelhi: Local trains are closed in many states due to corona. Many are also canceling long-distance train trips out of fear. As a result, the income of the railways is decreasing. In this situation, the railways have increased the train fares a bit in the new year. It has been announced that an additional Rs 10 to Rs 50 will be charged on ticket price for state-of-the-art facilities and modernization of stations at the advanced stations. Can rail fares be increased in the forthcoming budget (Union Budget 2022)? Needless to say, that would put extra pressure on the pockets of the middle class.

The good news is that in the forthcoming budget (Union Budget 2022) rail fares are not increasing, sources said. However, the allocation for the proposed Delhi-Varanasi bullet train may be increased. Confirming the news, a senior railway official said, “There has been no proposal to increase passenger fares. However, the railways will focus on increasing the revenue. At the same time, he said, under the 2022 National Rail Plan, the construction of high speed rail corridors across the country will be expedited. Under this plan, the budget allocation for the Delhi-Varanasi Bullet Train project is likely to increase (Union Budget 2022). The country’s first bullet train corridor between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is currently under construction.

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However, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman can announce hyperloop technology with a surprise in the budget. It is the fastest means of transportation in the world. If this technology is introduced, the journey from Kolkata to the capital Delhi, one and a half thousand kilometers can be crossed in just 2 hours! The train is run on a specific track through the tunnel to run at high speed. In addition, to reduce the weight of long-distance trains, they may be fitted with aluminum coaches. Not only that, in order to reduce the dependence on electricity and diesel, the government may soon start running hydrogen, biofuel and solar powered trains in the country and this may be announced in the budget.

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In the forthcoming budget, the Center may allocate around Rs 2.5 lakh crore for the improvement of railway infrastructure. In last year’s budget, the allocation for railways was Tk 2.15 lakh crore. Of this, Rs 6,500 crore came from internal sources and Rs 1 lakh crore from additional budget. Another Rs 1.07 lakh crore came from gross budget support. The government may aim to electrify the country’s railways 100 percent by 2023. It is also likely to be announced in the budget. Most of the allocation will be spent on this, said a railway official. In addition, modernization of high speed corridors and signaling systems is expected to cost a lot.

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