winter special dessert know how to make delicious gud ki kheer. Make jaggery kheer in cold, immunity will increase with taste


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Make jaggery kheer in cold

Corona has wreaked havoc all over the world. The number of corona infected is increasing day by day. Health experts believe that to avoid the outbreak of corona, we should consume such things which increase the immunity of our body. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you a dish which is not only full of taste but also considered very good for health. We are talking about jaggery pudding. The taste of jaggery is hot.

Jaggery kheer helps in maintaining body heat. With this, you avoid falling prey to many diseases like cough, cold and fever. Its consumption strengthens your immunity. Apart from this, you are saved from the consumption of refined sugar, it does not harm your health, so let’s know the recipe of making jaggery kheer-


1. cup rice
2. 1/3 cup fine jaggery
3. One liter full cream milk
4. 5-6 cardamom
5. 8-10 pieces finely chopped almonds
6. 8-10 pieces finely chopped cashew nuts
7. Two tablespoons raisins

Make jaggery kheer like this-
First of all, put milk in a pan and boil it well. Keep stirring it occasionally so that the milk does not burn. When the milk comes to a boil, add rice to it and let it boil again. Then, cook on low flame for some time. When the milk becomes thick, add cardamom to it and cook for a minute. Then put jaggery in it.

Cook for a while on low flame and keep stirring with the help of a spoon. so that it does not burn. After this, turn off the gas and take it out in a bowl and put almonds, raisins and cashews on top of it.



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