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# Mississippi: What a mess! While having sex with her husband, she accidentally turned on Facebook Live, the sex scene was live-streaming, by the time she realized it, it was too late! Multiple friends have already started watching live sex videos! And the woman’s own father was on the list of ‘friends’! A Mississippi woman from South America recently shared this ‘accident’ of her life! He said he cried for a week after the incident.

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“I lived in Poundtown last year,” said the woman with the @ rroberson16 ID in TicTac. One day I am having sex with my husband. All of a sudden, our sex scene started to be live on Facebook! By the time I understood the matter, I saw 48 viewers watching the video! My father was also on that list. I cried for a week. I have one child. After this incident, it seemed that life was over. ” However, the woman said that her husband’s affair was very interesting. He was very happy (Facebook Live)!

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Remembering the incident of that day, the woman said, she was lying on the bed and doing Facebook ghataghati! Suddenly her husband began to get close! Women also drown in obsession, can not understand, when the ‘live’ option of Facebook is turned on! Seeing this happening on Facebook (Facebook Live), a number of friends realized that something was wrong, they called the woman repeatedly, but then he was so intoxicated with sex that he did not pick up the phone. The woman, however, said that no scene of their sex was captured in the live video on Facebook as the lights of the house were turned off. However, cold and various satisfying sounds can be heard.


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