Work From Home Will Be Given Legal Framework To Protect The Rights Of Employees And Fix Liability Of Employers


Work From Home: Under Work from Home, the government is preparing to create a comprehensive legal framework for employees working from home, which will be applicable towards employees working from home. (Employers) will define the liability. Under Work from Home, the government wants to prepare a legal framework for employees working from home so that their interests can be protected.

Legal framework will be made regarding work from home

According to media reports, the government wants to create a legal framework regarding work from home, including fixing working hours for employees working from home, as well as how to pay for the increase in electricity and internet expenses, on these options. is being considered. Discussions are being held with experts regarding this subject. It is believed that a consultancy firm is also considering to be appointed to study the new system started as work from home.

Work from home culture increased due to Corona’s knock

In fact, the practice of work from home has started since the corona virus knocked in the country in March 2020. In many companies, employees are still working from home under work from home. Now that the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron has also arrived, it is believed that companies can again ask their employees to work from home.

The government had in January this year formalized work from home for the services sector through a standing order, allowing employers and employees to mutually decide on working hours and other service conditions. However, the move was seen as a token start, as the services sector, which largely comprises IT and ITeS, already had a custom of working from home for employees under special circumstances. Is.

There is a law regarding work from home in many countries

Work prom home in Corona era is not limited to IT and ITeS sector only. Therefore, the government now wants to prepare a comprehensive formal framework for all the sectors. In many countries, there is already a provision regarding work from being. In Portugal, recently passed legislation, labor regulations have been designed to protect employees working away from company premises. Now the Government of India is also in the process of bringing a law to legalize work from home.



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