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#Bengaluru: “May my child be in milk and rice …”, his pregnant mother prayed for her child. Rekha Devi of Bangalore, Karnataka is also a mother. But his only child is suffering from a rare disease today. So Rekha Devi pleaded on social media to save her seven-month-old son. He says only one blood stem cell change can save his son’s life. His seven-month-old son will find a better way to survive if his son’s blood stem cell samples match those of a well-meaning person. The mother’s urge to save her son has already been raised on social media (Karnataka 7 month old baby suffering from rare disease).

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It is learned that a couple from Bangalore has a seven-month-old child. His name is Vijayadra. He is currently suffering from a rare disease called BENTA. Doctors said the child was initially suffering from immunodeficiency disorder. Doctors also said that this disease is rare all over the world. They said that the patient’s immunity to the disease is almost zero. The only way to get rid of this disease is to change the blood stem cells of the infected patient. Doctors also say that 14 children around the world are still suffering from this rare disease. Doctors have also said that Benta is a deadly and rare disease.

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It is learned that parents are going door to door to save their child. They are looking for a way to save the boy day after day. However, Rekha Devi has already learned the way to get rid of this rare disease by consulting doctors. He also learned that only a blood stem cell transplant could save his son. So on social media, Rekha Devi’s urge is for some kind-hearted person to come forward to save her son.

Rekha Devi said on social media, “It only takes you 5 minutes to donate a stem cell. You can log in online and apply for a swab sample.” He said that the only way to get rid of this deadly disease is to help everyone.

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It is known that the pediatrician and eminent physician Dr. Bangalore. According to Stalin Ramprakash, 14 children are still infected with the disease worldwide. The seven-month-old baby also suffers from this rare disease. Besides, he said, the issue of Vijayadra has been identified at an early stage in terms of age and disease effects and severity. He said that only by changing the blood stem cells can the infected patient be saved. The doctor also said that they are looking for a blood sample of a person who will match the blood of the infected Vijayadra.

However, an organization called DKMS-BMST Foundation in Bangalore has already launched a virtual drive to donate blood stem cells in search of blood samples from the seven-month-old baby. It is learned that the organization has also appealed to the people across the country.

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