124 Snakes Attack: Terrible! 124 snake attacks in a house, the result of the tragedy is the owner of the house


#NewYork: In America, 124 snakes have attacked a person’s house simultaneously. Police have recovered the body of the man after being attacked by a snake. The people of the area were terrified to see such a tragic scene. This is the first such incident in the world. This is the first time that such a large number of snakes have been reported in a house.

There were 124 snakes in the house.

According to the American media, 124 snakes attacked a house in Maryland, USA. Hundreds of snakes attacked a man’s house at 6 pm on January 19. A 49-year-old man lived in the house. According to the report, the people of the nearby house did not see the man for a long time and immediately informed the police.

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People in the vicinity said that they saw a very scary scene. Police were called almost immediately. Upon receiving the news, the police reached the house of the person. The police were surprised when they opened the door of the man’s house. Because the owner of the house was lying dead on the floor and snakes were hovering around him. Police said the man died on the spot. The body was sent for postmortem.

The body of that person was lying on the floor-

Police said 124 snakes were caught from the man’s house. Among them were some venomous snakes. There was even a dragon in that house. Not only were these snakes inside the person’s house, the snakes were also moving around the house. A 14-foot-tall Burmese python was also found inside the house, police said.

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According to the police, never before in America have so many snakes been attacked at home. Police said a small number of snakes were found outside the man’s house, but there were more than 100 inside. Neighbors didn’t know much about it. Charles County Animal Control caught all the snakes from that person’s home.

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