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#Kolkata: The Indian Air Force’s MI-16V5 helicopter (Bipin Rawat Helicopter Crash) crashed in the Nilgiris forest in Tamil Nadu with Bipin Rawat, chief of the three forces. Bipin Rawat was accompanied in the helicopter by his wife Madhulika Rawat and army officers and soldiers in charge of the security of the CDS. A high-level investigation has been ordered to find out the cause of the accident The Russian-made MI-17V5 Helicopter has been in use since the crash.

Russian-made MI-5 helicopters are used in forces, transporting weapons, firefighting, surveillance and rescue operations. This MI-17V5 Helicopter model is a version of MI-5. Which is also used in passenger transport This helicopter is considered to be one of the most advanced helicopters in the world for military transport.

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The Russian company Rozboronexport entered into an agreement with the Government of India in 2006 for the supply of 80 Mi-17V Five helicopters. These helicopters were handed over to India by 2013 After that, a new contract was signed for 71 more MI-16V Five helicopters

MI-16V Five Medium Lifter This helicopter is capable of flying in a variety of adverse environments and conditions, including the desert. MI-17V56 can fly over it even in the event of a maritime disaster For safety of passengers, the helicopter has sliding doors, parachute equipment, searchlights and emergency flotation systems.

The MI-16V5 helicopter is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 13,000 kg. At the same time, 36 armed forces can travel in this chopper This state-of-the-art chopper has a glass cockpit with a multi-function display, night vision equipment, radar and autopilot system for weather forecasting. The military helicopter also carries Sutarm-5 missiles, S-8 rockets, a 23mm machine gun, PKT machine gun and AKM submarine machine gun to attack the enemy. As a result, enemy troops, armed vehicles, and any target on the ground can be easily destroyed from this helicopter.

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Important parts of the helicopter are covered with a special type of wrapper The fuel tank of the MI-16V5 helicopter has a polyurethane lining to protect it from explosion. In the same way, special infrared suppressors are used to protect the engine of the helicopter. The helicopter also has a jammer

The Mi-17V5 helicopter can fly at a maximum speed of eighty kilometers per hour. This helicopter is capable of flying 560 kilometers continuously This Russian-made MI-16V57 can fly at an altitude of 6,000 feet Ex-servicemen and experts are also puzzled by how such a sophisticated and trustworthy helicopter crashed.



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