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Mumbai: Many people have a hobby of playing ‘Khatro Ki Khiladi’ while traveling Many tourists choose to take part in all the more adventurous sports and rides, starting from various water sports. But in doing all this, sometimes they bring their own danger (Viral Video) 6 Whether at home or abroad, many are seen parasailing at sea But another example of what can happen in the event of a sudden accident was recently found in the Alibaug Parasailing Accident in Maharashtra.

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Two female tourists from Mumbai were parasailing in Alibag At that moment, the rope of the boat suddenly broke It didn’t take long for the video of this fatal accident to go viral You have to be shocked to see the video It was seen that two female tourists from Saki Nakar in Mumbai started parasailing with smiles. But as soon as their boat did not go far, the rope broke Going straight, both of them fell into the water

According to the news agency, the two women fell into the water from a height of about 100 meters They survived the journey by wearing life jackets Otherwise death was certain They keep floating in the water Eventually the boat driver went and rescued them

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This video is now wildly viral The video already has about four and a half million views Everyone’s question is why people don’t regain consciousness even after seeing such accidents happening one after another Is there a need to participate in adventure sports while traveling?

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